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Who takes this class?
This is a one-day, four-hour seminar is for parents who are divorcing, separating, or petitioning for child-related issues. This seminar is required for both parents by the Marion County courts. Although it is court-mandated for most parents that attend, anyone may register for this class.

Why do I have to take this class?
Classes like these have been widely successful across the nation at reducing conflict between parents. Less conflict means less litigation, saving parents more money in the long run. These classes are proven to be effective at teaching parents how to lessen the negative impact of divorce and separation on their children.

Why can’t parents attend together?
Parents often have good intentions when wanting to attend together, but we’ve found that this can cause problems. Separation is difficult and the topics discussed are sensitive. Parents seem to open up and get the most out of the class when they are free to express themselves without the other parent present, even in cooperative relationships. Before we implemented this policy, we had problems with parents trying to provoke or embarrass the other parent in front of the class and a variety of other problems which can be disruptive to the entire class. We hope that cooperative parents will be able to discuss the issues outside of class.

I live in another county, will this class work?
We allow anyone to take the class. Whether or not it will meet the requirements outside of Marion County is really up to your county’s court. We encourage you to get an OK from the court before signing up.

Can I bring my children?
Children are not allowed in the class, and we do not provide childcare.

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Publications are available that might be useful on this site such as the parenting plan packet. Not filing in Marion County? Find other local courts and seminars similar to Cope that are offered in other counties in Oregon.

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